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Our Body Bare shaver is the ultimate Intimate area and bikini shaver for men and women!

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Beppy Comfort Sponges
Beppy Comfort Sponges

Honey Bare
Butt Bleach

NEW! Honey Bare butt bleach
Turns your brownie

The Body Bare® Intimate Area & Personal Shaver
The Take Anywhere - Shave Anywhere Razor
As seen in Playboy, Penthouse, Esquire, Mens Journal, Maxim and Blender
Magazines and as seen on Playboy TV 911 Night Calls

Bikini Line Hair Removal & Smooth Vagina with the #1 Pussy Shaver


The Body Bare©® and The Angel Smooth® S-Yard Cleancut© is and has been the “Best Selling Personal Shavers for Women” on the adult and commercial market, in the world, for the past ten years. Any statements or advertising from our competitor’s to the contrary are entirely FALSE and unsupportable. A strong word of caution: Some of 3rd Planet Products, Ltd. competitor’s intimate pussy shaving, pubic shaving products are supplied with talc: Recent medical studies have raised serious potential health concerns over the use of talc in any consumer product, particularly with regard to the human genital area, and that it may cause tumors. See; “Talcum Powder can cause cancer. Risks of Talcum Powder.” http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/cosmetics/talc.htm
If you currently use any shaving product supplied with talc, you might, after having read the entire report, want to strongly consider ceasing the use thereof and take remedial action or return it to the supplier. If you have any safety concerns about the use of talc or that it is toxic, please use our Body Bare©® or Angel Smooth® related electric shaver products.
For more information contact us by email orders3d@flash.net or phone 888-660-8811.
3rd Planet Products, Ltd., the originators of dry Intimate Area Shaving, with more than 10 years market and product development experience: The Body Bare©® Battery operated, The Body Bare©® Rechargeable, the Angel Smooth® Cleancut© and the Angel Smooth® S-Yard Cleancut ©, is only supplied with. a hospital grade of Baby Powder, which consists of Corn Starch. Our health conscious website is http://www.2sensualproducts.com  showcasing our original and current product offerings.

All contact products, including female vibrators and lesbian sex toys, offered by 3rd Planet Products are Phthalate free. When purchasing products on the web or in stores, check to determine that they do not contain Phthalates.

Health Warning! Better safe than sorry.
Phthalates banned in the EU.
"It was in the USA that all hell broke loose. Enraged parents were up in arms because there were phthalates in their children's toys. Reports of deformed genitals, lungs and kidneys, not to mention the alterations in the hormonal system confirmed their fears. Children tend to suck the dangerous toys, which explains how it might enter their bodies. Particularly pregnant women and those of child-bearing age were found to be carrying high concentrations of the chemical substances that are used to soften plastics. Why that is?, nobody knows. It may be because phthalates can be found in all kinds of products, such as cosmetics, clothing, shower curtains, floors, containers or, for instance, food or medical devices and other things women frequently touch...such as sex toys and lesbian sex toys."

We appreciate your comments on our site and how we might improve our product offerings or presentation.
We do have our own mail list to inform customers of any new offerings, special "passwords" to "R" rated subjects and general health and wellness news. We will not bother you with mail of any other kind. We do not trade, sell or otherwise exchange any customer or maillist subscriber information with any other entity.

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