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Ginger Lynn

Casey Parker

Heather Silk


This thing is AMAZING!!!!!!!!  It's such a close shave it's almost as smooth as waxing and I would imagine after practice, it's only going to get better.  Wow.  I haven't tried it on the underarms yet but I can bet that it's going to be a godsend.  My skin is extremely sensitive and the shaving every night for work is killing me.

Wow, wow, wow, wow.  Customer for life, here!  Thank you so much for your generosity and remember to remind me when you're coming to town so we can get you guys over to my show at the Flamingo.

All the best,


Hi Ian - Susi here... the one who couldn't put the batteries in right! Just to let you know.... it works and works sooooooooooooooo well!

Thanks for "turning me on" to the Celebrator!!! I will DEFINITELY recommend this to my friends!!

Have a great day! Susi

I am so pleased with my Body Bare Razor, Lady Fair Trimmer, and Meida Lady Shaver.  Your products are excellent--they are everything your web site says they are!  Finally, my skin everywhere is perfectly smooth, soft and clear, and I want to share my testimonial with other women, like myself, who may have searched for years for a perfect razor.

Just as I always want silky smooth hair-free underarms and legs, same goes for my intimate area.  For years, I have searched for a product that would consistently give me such a shave but always, without exception, every product I used would sooner or later result in razor-burn, red bumps, irritation.  Even my legs and underarms would sometimes still get that razor-burn or nicks, making me highly frustrated as I like wearing swimsuits, short-shorts, etc.  My skin's appearance and my comfort is very important to me; having no hair on my body makes me feel and look comfortable and sexy.

Finally, because of your products, I am able to enjoy fast, easy, shaving on all parts of my body free from any irritation whatsoever.  Never before have I been so closely shaved without any discomfort developing at all.  No more dull blades, time consuming hair removal, or irritated skin.  Now I always have smooth sexy skin, and it's fast and simple to maintain.

I used the Lady Fair Trimmer to first remove most of the pubic hair, and followed it with the Body Bare which then completed the shave.  Now, I simply use the Body Bare (with powder) daily or every other day and I always stay hair-free.  If I ever lapse, and skip more than a day, I simply use the Lady Fair again, then back to the Body Bare.  The Body Bare/Lady Fair combo is everything I was looking for.  If you are looking for the perfect pubic-area shaver, the Body Bare is the answer.

I use the Meida Lady Shaver particularly for my underarms in the bath with shaving cream (and sometimes dry with powder when I need a quick touch-up).  It's quick and effective, and, again, never do I have to worry about nicks or hair follicles being irritated.  It keeps my underarms and legs looking great.

Now my skin is always completely clear and smooth the way I like it!  I also like the fact that all your products are so small I can carry them with me wherever I go. 

I am so glad I found your company (saw your ad in Esquire) and its high-quality products, and I highly recommend your products to those who care about their skin and want that wonderful free-of-hair feeling and look.  Also, I can't say enough about how patient and knowledgeable your customer service representative was, making me feel totally confident in ordering from you.  I am ever so glad I did. 

Thank you, 3rd Planet Products!

Several Months ago I ordered one of your battery-powered pubic shavers as advertised in PLAYBOY Magazine. It works fine, and I can attest that my sex partner absolutely loves my new "smooth look" and she has agreed to allow me to remake her in the same fashion!

Tom, North Dakota

Wow, Wow, Wow,
I've been shaving my pubic area or years. Needless to say I've tried everything from creams (YUK) to various razors. I read about the Body Bare razor in "Penthouse". Looked up your web site and read all about it. I then ordered a set. Kelly was so sweet, I felt as if I was talking to my girlfriend. After I got my razor, I ran to my bedroom to give it a try. Absolutely fantastic!!!!! I've never had my pubes so smooth and touchable. I gave it a try on my husband who also keeps his balls shaved just for me. Well you can imagine what this led up to. (Yahoo!!!) I can't encourage your readers enough about this product. It is what it says it is. Sooo smooth, NO stubble, NO chafing, and NO ingrown hairs! Try it, You'll love it!. I know that I do.

Joan, Ohio

Just want to say that I recently bought the Body Bare razor combo and my wife and I loved it. Thank you.

C. & O.

Hello, I recently purchased one of the Body Bare rotary razors for my wife. After trying several different razors and different shaving creams we have finally found something that really works well! My wife has very soft, loose skin on her lower labia and the Body Bare razor shaves her with no pulling or nicks. It is really wonderful. We are delighted with the smoothness and comfort of using this razor.

Thank you,

Eric and Barbara, Boston MA

It is so much more pleasant to engage in oral sex when you don´t have to fight your way through a forest. Even if a woman keeps some tuft on top, shaving the lips of the pussy makes them more sensitive, more visually appealing, and they feel better against your lips and tongue. To be fair, I also think that men can use a little shaving themselves. Guys, if you want your balls licked, shave them! I find that not only do women tend to spend more time playing with my balls when they are shaved, they are also more sensitive and it feels better. The downside to all of this is that shaving these very sensitive areas is not easy. This problem can be solved with the Body Bare electric razor (also known as the Pussy Shaver), and it cuts closer and smoother than anything I have tried, and it reduces the rash, irritation, and ingrown hairs that can be a problem with shaving the pubic area. This electric razor does not bite the testicles or labia. The Body Bare is a dry shaver, which means you can use it anytime for a quick touch up. It is also easier to use than traditional shavers, and will get you smoother than anything else you can find. I have a very heavy beard growth (all that testosterone, I guess) and it is tough to get a really smooth shave. I want the areas just above and below my lips to be as smooth as possible, as it makes it more pleasant for the woman I am giving head to. When I´ve felt that it was a little rough, I have even used my hand as a chin guard to keep my chin from rubbing against her sensitive parts. The Body Bare does a great job of providing smoothing to these important areas. I keep it beside the bed for last minute touch-ups.

Matt D., Chicago

Dear Dr. Robyn, Just wanted to let you know that my wife has been using the same razor you do a Body Bare small razor daily now for a long time to shave vaginally. She loves it and it has never irritated the skin. We think that is an important issue since we are still very careful about any kind of open skin abrasion in conjunction with robust sexual activities.

Cindy, Tampa

My Body Bare combo arrived today and I am elated over the results! No more torn up tissues in my private area! The gentle hum of snipping hairs was music to my femme ears! I just want to let you know how happy I am!

Roxanne, Charleston

"I know that most of your products are for sexual stimulation etc, but I must tell you that I bought almond oil on the advice of a friend. She told me it would help prevent stretch marks. I know that being pregnant is one of the least sexy times, I'm five months now and feel about as sexy as an elephant. But I searched the web for almond oil and was brought to your web site. I've been using it since I was 6 weeks along not knowing how much or how big I would get. Well, my breast grew 3 cup sizes in about 4 months and guess what? I have no stretch marks, knock on wood. So as another way to market the almond oil you might try linking to some baby or pregnancy web sites. I know I have the biggest part left to grow but for my breast to get that big that quickly and the only thing I used was the almond oil, it's worth a try.
Thank you very much.


I received my combo shaver set fast and efficient! I can't rave enough about how fabulous the Body Bare works!! I'm so impressed that I've told all my lady friends and have even posted your link to my profile site. Not only do I enjoy the fast easy smooth results I achieve from the razor but so does my husband. He dually enjoys shaving me and we make a night of it with wine and all :) It was a pleasure doing business!

Linda, Atlanta

Hi there, I just got the Body Bare and of course I had to try it out right away. This is the BEST. I love it, I shaved my whole p$R*$& and no nicks or irritation and it feels like the way I was when I was 10.
I was introduced to your Body Bare Razor at the Chicago Erotics show this year and would like to thank you,

Anna, Chicago

"I hate to say you were right so quickly but it looks like my search for the perfect razor has ended with the Body Bare."

Rho, New York

"I did receive my package. I must say the Body Bare electric razor is the BEST I've ever tried.You may use my quote in any advertising promotion"

James, New Orleans

"I heard about the Body Bare razor on google. com. I was searching for "brazilian bikini wax", and the Body Bare came up as an alternative for waxing. I clicked on the link and saw Nina Hartley getting shaved...I ordered it five minutes later. I received the razor today, and I'm incredibly pleased with both my smooth results and the way you do business. You are fast, professional, and stick to your word about the razor's capabilities. I am not let down in the least, and I will tell all of my friends about it. Thank you for a wonderful investment."

Irene, Portland, Oregon

"I just received a Body Bare razor last week and I am extremely pleased with it."

Cyndi, Denver

"Hi Ian-You asked me to reply when I received the products from you - I JUST received then on Friday August 24th! As per the shaver and trimmer I LOVE IT... it's AMAZING! Yes, I do like the way you do business and would definitely recommend your company to others."

Linda, Toronto, Canada

"First I want to tell you how much I LOVE THIS BODY BARE RAZOR!!!! The only problem is that I wish I would have found it years ago. I have wasted money on other products and was a little apprehensive about buying this razor without actually seeing the end result or knowing anyone who has used it but I am so glad that I took a chance. Now I don't know how I can live without it. I have told anyone that will listen about your site and about your Body Bare razor. Not only did I get a great product, but I also received exceptional customer service. You have treated me very personally, not like 'just another customer'. Please keep up the great service. Another 100% satisfied customer :)"

Vinci (Seattle)

"I heard you talking to Lionel on the radio one night. You were talking about your special razor. So when you gave your web address I checked it out when I got home and ordered it. I love it. It does exactly what you said it could. I am delighted with your fast response. I ordered it, and in a couple of days I had it. Good to do business with you."

Larry (North Carolina)

"We ordered this razor. My wife had tried other hair removers that pinched and pulled hairs, so I agreed to try it first. This was my first time I ever shaved below my neck. First you have to cut your hair short with their trimmer. Then, you just finish the job with the razor. No razor burn. No ingrown hair. It was easy, and yes I did my balls. I bet balls are harder to do than a woman's pubic area, and there is no way I would use a blade razor across that wrinkled skin. I was surprised how much I liked it, and I ride the stationary bike 4 or 5 times a week-less chafing. The guy that imports these is in San Antonio. His web site is: www.2sensualproducts.com"

Tim (Texas)

"Thank you for the nice email. It's refreshing to see a company going back to using good, old customer service skills. Best of luck with your company. I heard about your product on a swingers group that I belong to called Velvet Curtain. One of the guys on there recommended it. I look forward to using your products.

Babs (New York)"

I just purchased your Body Bare razor from you and I love it. I am a transvestite and keep my entire body shaved. This razor is great for keeping me touched up each day to be completely smooth. It works equally well on Underarms, Pubes, Legs, and Balls. I would recommend it to any girl for their underarms alone. I haven't had an ingrown hair since I started using it either. That was always a problem when using razors, especially around the pubic area. Feel free to use my letter as a testimonial.

Loving Your Razor

Robin, New Orleans


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