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"Oakland" by Razelle

Eileen shivered. She pulled the leather jacket tighter around herself as I saw her from across the street. The familiar sound of the locks sliding into place reached her ears after she put the key in the door and turned it. She dropped the keys, picked them up again and closed the BMW 2002 door with a gentle pull with her left hand while she fumbled with her right hand for the ignition key. Her numbed hands slid the key in and turned... And that was where her life changed completely....

The car didn't start. "Shit!," she replied. "What now?" I gently tapped on her window. Startled, Eileen turned and looked up at me. Her eyes, beautiful under the street light that night, bared me her soul. A soul that has been troubled. A soul that needs to be released.

"Having problems?," I said.

"Yeah,...the car is acting up again."

"Open the hood and let me look for you." She did as she was told. "Here's the problem...spark plug wire came off of the distributor cap." As I turned and looked from under the hood I caught her with a questionable look on her face, which I found quite amusing; I gave her a smile. She smiled back. I put the hood back down and she offered to buy me dinner. I traced her smile to her warm slender neck and watched for a moment as I caught every beat of her heart; it mesmerized me. "I'd like that," I replied.

"By the way, what's your name?"

"Razelle. And yours?"


We went down to Jack London Square and settled in at a bistro. We talked for some time and decided it was getting late. She suggested a nightcap at her apartment. I was hoping she'd ask...

As we stood in front of her apartment I couldn't resist touching this almost sacred figure in front of me. As she unlocked the door I began to lightly stroke her hair and whispered close to her ear, "You are so beautiful." She turned to face me and I felt like I was going to faint.

"What is it that you want?," she asked me as she led me into her nearly darkened apartment. Her voice was rich, her speech extremely smooth and somewhat authoritative. A force that I had never felt before seemed to control my body. I felt as if I was being hypnotized.

I kept staring meekly at her as I stammered my answer in a weak voice, almost as if I were completely entranced, "I... I want... you..."

She looked as if she was about to smile, but didn't seem to be able to. She leaned to me and put her lips against mine. The feeling was incredible; I felt lifted by some current raging through my body, and my temperature felt as if it had risen ten degrees. I was almost frozen in place as she parted my lips with hers and probed the inside of my mouth with her tongue. I was able to move my hands, and I took full advantage by sliding them down her back to her nice firm ass. She kissed me even harder. I made my way to the front of her body, slipping my hand underneath her leather jacket. Her breasts were bare under it. When had she taken off her blouse? I gently grasped, feeling the nipple tense up under my palm.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned into my mouth as she rubbed the end of my erect cock through my clothes where it forced against the fabric. She stepped back from me and slowly took off her boots, took off her jacket then wiggled out of her leather pants. She had on only a black, velvet thong panty. I slowly let my eyes wander up and down her body, taking the sight of her into me. Looking at her I slowly removed my suit, exposing my whole body to her. I saw her whole body blush with excitement and desire.

"Take them off,please....," I said as I looked at her panties. She smiled and hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slowly slid them over her hips. Bending over, she eased them down her long legs and stepped out of them. I purred my approval and quickly stepped to her, taking her into my arms. Our lips met in a passionate kiss, while our hands roamed all over each other's bodies. I felt her nipples harden as her breasts brushed against my chest. She stopped for a second, licked her warm palm and her hand snaked downward and grasped my cock firmly and slowly began to move up and down the shaft.

I groaned softly and slid my hand down her belly and rested it upon her soft mound. My fingers found her clit. She reached down, took my hand and put three of my fingers into her mouth slowly sucking and licking them, then replaced my hand on her clit. I rubbed it slowly at first. Her hips responded, gyrating against my hand.

I could feel the wetness begin to seep from her, coating my fingers. I parted her lips and slipped two fingers into her. She rocked her hips forward in unison with my fingers, feeling them slip deeper and deeper into her. I added a third finger and her juices ran down my hand. Her small hand moved up and down my shaft in unison, making it harder and harder. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss while our tongues twirled inside.

I backed Eileen up until the backs of her legs were against the bed. I eased her downward. She lay there, her hand still on my cock and my fingers still moving in and out of her. She smiled at me as she pulled me to her, rubbing my cock against her thigh. A soft moan left her mouth as she moved her hips upward, trying to catch my hard-on inside her. I noticed and backed my hips away. She looked at me with a slight frown on her face.

I smiled to reassure her then cupped her breasts and licked her nipples; my head dipped to her belly then lower. My lips placed soft wet kisses on her skin, making her shiver. As I blazed a trail to her inner thighs, she opened them slowly. I worked my way back upward towards her waiting, wet pussy. She inhaled sharply at the first touch of my mouth on her wet opening. So soft...so sensuous. Not at all like the rough sex she had been used to getting.

I knew about taking my time to please a lover. My lips seemed to be everywhere on her, tasting, touching, kissing, licking...savoring. My fingers explored her wet pussy inside and out. Her body flushed with the heat of our passion as she grew more and more aroused. My tongue probed the folds of her deeply, stopping only to suck on a lip and give her clit a little lick. Squeals of delight seeped from her lips as I devoured her slowly. "Razelle..." she panted..."Please...make love to me..."

To be continued...