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"To bi or not to bi - no question about it"

by Laura

Iím sure you have read a lot of stories and find many hard to believe. Well what I have to tell you will knock your panties off as Iíll tell you where and how to live the some of the same experiences. My name is Laura Iím 45, 5í, 101 pounds, 32D, nipples and navel pierced, shaved clean with the Cleancut razor, pleasantly bi and Sean says Iím a spinner. I was straight until, due to a bet with Sean, I had the chance to beat him at his own game.

One night we had a double date with an ex-boyfriend of mine, Tom and a French ex-girlfriend of Seanís, Anita. We all got a little wine high at dinner and after coming home, Anita wanted to get some time on our tanning bed. She got naked and we all put tanning lotion on her svelte body. What a thrill it was to caress her lovely breasts. (My first) I got a little tingle from feeling her stiff nipples. After she tanned, Tom went to the tanning bed and was kissing Anita and stroking his hands over her now slick and warm body. Sean and I were doing the same on her lower half. It was now or never. Sean leaned over and kisslicked her closely trimmed pussy. He spread her fine lips and motioned to me with a nod. I leaned forward and extended my tongue for my first exquisite taste. Anita was dewy and sweet. I then placed my lips against hers and used my tongue to lick her clit, like I like mine licked, up and down quickly and firmly. She pushed her pelvis against my face and thrust fucked my tongue. When she reached to hold my head and felt my hair, she realized it was me licking her, not Sean. Her moans and expressions in French told me I was doing it right. ĎMon Dieu, mon chaton amourí I found out later is "My God, my love kitten". Well it didnít last long enough. Tom broke it up and took her to his place to, and as we later learned, fuck her Ďtil dawn. But I got my first taste and it was addictive.

A few weeks later we arranged to have an ex of mine, Ed, come over to go to an S&M event and to have my first threesome afterwards. These S&M events are open to all who pass the initial screening meetings, if this interests you. (Just going as a voyeur is a turn on.) We came back home and shortly wound up in bed with Sean fucking me from behind and me sucking on Edís cock. I give some pretty great head, but if the dick ainít willing, forget it. We packed that dud off to his hovel and finished off with a hot evening of our own. Well thatís two unfinished melodies, but when you are dedicated to reaching a goal of uninhibited bi - tri pleasure, there is no giving up.

The following month Betty, another ex of Seanís, was in town and we set up a dinner meeting. Betty is a real redhead with white skin, tits with blue veins and a very wet pussy. After returning home, we only made it as far as the living room, when she said, "Letís get naked and fuck!" I can take hint; we were all naked in a flash and headed for the bedroom. Sean went into the closet and got out a spare shower curtain and large bath towel. He explained Betty was a superior wet squirter and we needed this equipment to keep the bed from being saturated! I didnít know what to expect. We started by kissing and sucking each otherís breasts. Betty likes hers nibbled and bitten hard. We fingered each otherís pussy. And I got to feel her G-spot with Seanís direction. She came wet on my hand in a gush! She then went down on me and really kisslicked me so well I came quite quickly. I was sucking on Seanís cock, but had to pop it out when I came. She continued to lick me down slowly and Sean got behind her and doggie fucked her with long strokes. She came again and her juices ran down her legs onto the towel. Sean flipped her over and hung her head over the edge of the bed, while I sucked her tits; he deep throat fucked her as she jilled off. He came in her mouth and she came all over everything! I mean gush and squirt and flow. I never had any idea a woman could do that, again and again. I had to have a little taste. It was not sweet, like I have learned some initial pussy juice tastes; it was just kinda neutral and flat tasting. Sean recovered after a while and I had a new treat. He fucked me from behind while Betty licked my clit from underneath. This gave me a chance to lick her clitty on the forward strokes. This time I got to see her squirt, close up. Amazing! Quite an evening but I still hadnít really munched out.

Well Sean and I had planned our vacation a while back and so I could only hope but find what I wanted there. If you have the chance to go to Australia then youíve got to try this. Even if you donít reach the heights that I have youíll have a really great time. In Sydney, Australia, go to Oxford Street in the gay-lesbian district. Any cabbie can take you there. In many of the apparel and leather shops you can find a business card for "THE COUPLES CLUB". You must call and arrange the visit. They are open every Friday and Saturday night from 9 Ďtil dawn. We had been to a few swingersí parties and an on-premises clubs here in the USA, but nothing like this! It is billed as "A place where Fantasy and Intimacy come together. A place to be seen or watched. A place for couples with adventure in mind." A perfect description for a multifaceted pleasure palace. This is an all inclusive venue, bar, booze, snacks, condoms, lubes, hot tub, public rooms, private rooms, exhibitionist platform, massage table, showers and a barĖlounge.

One of the public rooms is draped like a harem chamber (my favorite). The private rooms have a large mattress and slots in the wall to peep through. The first time we went, neither of us had a clue as to what to expect. We saw the owner drop his pants and fuck a girl on the massage table while she sucked her man off. The owner has a beautiful cock, if you go, try it! We watched the different rooms for a while and I got pretty horny. We went into a side "semi private" room and were playing with each other. I was sucking on Sean and a guy was looking in on us while playing with his nice slim, long cock. Sean invited Peter in and after he ate me for a while said he wanted to fuck me. He was fucking me pretty well and rubbing my nipple rings in good rhythm when Sean asked Peter where his wife was. He said she was at the bar and Sean volunteered to go get her. He came back quickly with Ann in tow.

Ann is a nice, natural blonde with medium length hair and firm B tits. Peter picked my legs up onto his shoulders and gave me a good swift fuck. Ann was sucking on my tits and I was sucking on hers while fingering her bare pussy. (Nice thin lips and a prominent clitty.) Peter finished his fuck and Ann swung around, pushed Sean out of the way and got over me in the classic 69. My first real munch of pussy all to myself! She was so sweet and responsive, gently face fucking me while she skillfully tongue fucked me. Her chin was on my pubic area giving me a place to push up against. I came so well and long, I nearly passed out. A short time later I finished lick-sucking her off and got my first taste of real cunt come. A great tasting juice different than just get wet pussy. (This is for all you bi-curious women out there. Go for it, youíll love it.) We kissed and tenderly necked while our men watched and got hard for more action. I really got hooked on the post orgasmic necking and kissing, tasting Ann and myself at the same time. I know Sean wanted to fuck her but she was played out. Turns out we had quite an audience, but we were oblivious. It was break time.

I went to the bar and Sean went to the loo (toilet). A hairy stud at the bar said he enjoyed the scene and really wanted to make love to me. The magic words; not fuck me, but make love. I finished my drink and Horace and I went into the main harem room where I knew Sean could find us. Horace ate me a bit, but I wanted to top ride him. I mainly get off on being eaten with two fingers curled up inside to gently massage my G-spot and A-spot. Sean calls it his special "Venus Butterfly" technique. It works for me. My favorite fuck position is top riding, facing my lover, kissing him and having my nipples sucked gently and played with. I love the sound of my nipple rings clicking my loverís teeth. Horace gratefully complied and let me fuck him at my own pace. Sean showed up a while later and stepped over Horace and fed me his cock. I love sucking cock or pussy while being fucked. So many sensations to experience at once. Sean and I had orgasms almost simultaneously. He filled my mouth with a large drink of come. His first of the night. We left Horace to explore other opportunities in the large room.

After a few more drinks we went back to the harem room and found a friendly pile of bodies to join. Sean kinda horned in on a guy eating a skinny blonde, but not well. While he used his Venus Butterfly on her I kissed and played with her little titties and kissed her. She came hard and wet and thrust up into his face and shivered. Kath said, "Bloody Hell, what was that?" I slinked on down to have a taste and lick her pussy.

A slim blonde to my left pulled me over and started kissing my pussy come-wet lips. Brenda was a great kisser. She got me really hot and wet again. Her breasts were perfectly turned up at the nipples. Her nipples were rose colored, stiff and puckered. I could have sucked them all night. Her man, John, was possessive and after we got into a 69, seeing and tasting her pretty pussy for too short a time, he pulled her away. We were really into it and I wish I had gotten to finish with her. I guess he felt left out and from the way he treated her should have been. We took a short break and went to one of the semi-private rooms and joined a pile there. Sean ate this brunette Ashley for a while, donned a condom and I got to put him in her plump pussy. I sat on her face while Sean fucked her and fondled my tits from behind. I couldnít see him but could see the other fucking going on and Ashley ate me well enough for me to come again. Sean called to me he was coming in her pussy and I could feel his thrusting while Ashley humped up and came with him. Brenda was next to us again getting fucked by her man, John. I leaned over to kiss her and stroke her perfect tits. He was fucking her quickly and while I sucked one of those lovely peaks I reached down to finger her clit. That did the trick for both of them. Brenda pushed up against my palm and John arched up and growled like a bear as he shot his load into her pretty pussy.

We met all these people in the bar and exchanged e-mails for future visits. We went up to the lounge to cool off, then got dressed and headed back to our hotel. It was dawn! Youíd love the look on the cabbies face when a scantily clad well-fucked female hails him at 6 AM. Two of them tried to U turn at the same time!