500 Sensual Things to do With Your Lover:
Help add to the list.

1. Give your lover a luxurious bubble bath (pay particular attention to all 'naughty' body parts).
2. Send your lover a dozen roses, then another dozen, specifically addressed to the pet name you have for your lover's genitals.
3. Write "Property of [LOVER'S NAME]" with a pen on various body parts.
4. Perform oral sex on your lover, without any expectation or requirement for reciprocation.
5. Trace lines on the inside of your lover's thighs with an ice cube some steamy summer day.
6. Give your lover an over the knee spanking for an infraction of imaginary rules. Then kiss the 'boo-boo' and make it all better.
7. Shave your lover's genitals with the Cleancut razor while they sit up high on the kitchen countertop.
8. Paint your lover's fingernails or toenails.
9. Hire 2 massage therapists to come out to the house for a tandem (side by side) massage and use our Oasis Massage Oil.
10. Count each of your lover's toes with your lips.
11. Send flowers to your lover's place of work signed "your secret admirer".
12. Arrive separately at a bar and flirt with your lover as if it was the first time.
13. Serve a sexy dessert to your lover using your lower abdomen as a serving tray.
14. Figure out naughty things to do with Popsicles (burrrrrrrrrrrrr).
15. Have sex in the back seat of your car (or on the hood).
16. Have sex in a department store dressing room (watch out for pins).
17. Read erotica to your lover or surf internet porn together.
18. Play hide and seek on your lovers body with a bag of M&M's (plain - not peanut).
19. Take your lover for tango lessons and dance with a rose in your teeth.
20. While in a public place - AND in a short skirt - inform your lover that you aren't wearing any panties.
21. Download 100 love songs from Napster and create an ultimate play list for your lover.
22. Accidentally spill your drink in your lap and ask your lover to help clean you up.
23. Make a "Coupon" that can be redeemed for your lovers' favorite mode of pleasure.
24. Make up code words for your favorite acts of love.. and discuss your love making in public without anyone knowing what you are talking about.
25. Fulfill your lover's favorite fantasy (ok, something other than a 3 way this time, guys).
26. Blindfold & bind your lover before making love - be a little rough.
27. Drip warm candle wax on you lover's most sensitive areas.
28. Learn a love song and sing it to your lover at a Karaoke bar in public.. especially if you can't sing well.
29. Flash your lover in an elevator - or an escallator if you are brave enough.
30. Stroke your lover's genitals under the table at a restaurant.
31. Brush up against your lover in very sexy ways in public.
32. Give your lover an obscene phone call at their place of work. Be really nasty and make them have to act like nothing is happening.
33. Join the Mile High Club and have sex with your lover on a plane.
34. Have conversations with your lover's body parts personified.
35. Wake your lover up from a sound sleep with oral sex.
36. Bring home a new wild sex toy for your lover.. and fulfill their fantasies.
37. Watch your lover flirt with others at a party and go home and ravage them.
38. Look at the pictures together in an erotic coffee table book.
39. Fire up the VCR and make your own private porno film.
40. Have a naked picnic in bed (watch out for the crumbs).
41. Have a treasure hunt around the house with sexy notes and clues.. finally leading to the treasure.. your genitals.
42. Praise your lover's prowess in front of their friends.
43. Masturbate in front of your lover (let him or her watch you intently).
44. Take a hike in the woods and 'get lost' to find a quiet spot to hang a hammock. Make love all day in between naps.
45. Model new lingerie or underwear in your own private fashion show.
46. Kidnap your lover and hold them for ransom. Make sure your hide out is the Ritz Carlton.
47. Buy your lover a lap dance at a strip club or go sans-panties and flash the strippers.
48. Tickle your lover with a feather.
49. Kiss the arch of your lover's foot (oh hell, kiss them everywhere for hours).
50. Hire a limo to take you both to dinner then around town for any occasion. Make love while the driver is distracted by traffic. Leave panties hidden in the back seat.
51. Buy your lover a pedicure. Blindfold him/her and then massage both feet for at least 30 minutes.