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Out of the Box Performance?

All rotary razors require that the Blade assembly be at the “Proper” height, in relation to the Shaving Foil, for optimum performance.

90% of razors will have this adjustment “close enough”, right out of the box, to perform as expected. For those few that do not perform as expected, right out of the box, the Blade Assembly needs to be adjusted!

Also, the blades are spring loaded, and are designed to be in constant contact with the underside of the shaving foil. This allows for the blades to be self sharpening, and as such, periodic adjustment will be required, as the blades and foil wear. Typically, adjustment is required every 3 months, or so, as performance noticeably declines. 

Blade Adjustment

Body Bare (pictured)
or Cleancut, Shaver Blade Assembly Height Adjustment


It is important to note, that it is not uncommon for the blades to require adjustment “right out of the box”. If your new razor does not perform as expected, follow the instructions to properly adjust the blade height.

Even an incredible piece of equipment like the Body Bare occasionally needs a little re-adjustment after use. If you notice that it just doesn't shave like it used to, or that it starts to grab a little, that usually means the blades have worn a little and need to be adjusted to compensate.

1. First, unscrew the shavehead/foil from the shaver body by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction.

2. Remove the white plastic blade assembly from the drive shaft simply by lifting it from the white plastic D-shaped shaft. Note that, when assembled, the blade assembly is gently seated against the inside of the shave head. At this point, it should look like the picture at the left (Figure A).

3. While firmly holding the white plastic blade assembly, use a small flat-blade screwdriver (the ones made for eyeglasses work great) to turn the small screw in the center (see photo below - Figure B) of the blade assembly by 1/4 to 1/2 turn clockwise. This will push the screw a little further down into the assembly, which slightly raises the assembly against the drive shaft and the inside of the shavehead when reassembled. Be careful while handling the blade assembly. The blades are sharp and can cut you. They're not razor blade "you'll bleed if you touch them" sharp, but they're sharp enough to be aware of.

4. Reassemble and turn on the Body Bare. When you turn it on, the blade assembly should spin at a pretty good clip, but you should hear it "scraping" against the inside of the head. If you don't hear metal to metal contact, it isn't touching the inside surface of the shavehead. In this condition, it either won't shave at all, or it will grab and pull. If the blade assembly binds and spins slowly (or not at all) you have raised the blades too high and should correct the problem by disassembling the shave head again and lowering the blade assembly a little.

5. Trust us; you'll be able to tell by ear when the blades are properly adjusted. It will just sound "right." Test the unit on good stubble patches and make sure it works like it did when it was new. If not, you may want to adjust it further until you get it where it seems right to you.

6. If you just can't get it to return to the performance of the glory days of its youth, you may need to replace the shave head and blade assembly. We offer a Replacement Blade & Foil which includes a new shavehead/foil and a new blade assembly. For proper operation, you may need to adjust the new blade assembly you get in the Parts Kit using these same instructions.
Click here to order a replacement blade kit .

7. Even with hard daily use you should get at least 1.5 to 2 years, out of the blade assembly and shavehead.


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