Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Body Bare™ manufactured? I know the Angel Smooth S-Yard Cleancut™ is made in Japan; is the Body Bare™ made there as well?
  A: No, the Body Bare™ product line is our exclusive original design and it is made in China. We also still offer the Angel Smooth S-Yard Cleancut™, made in Japan, with our logo "Angel Smooth". I also believe we still have a few labeled Angel Smooth S-Yard Cleancut™ back in the warehouse. We were the original direct importers of the Cleancut™ 7 years ago and still bring some in from time to time. There were too many copycat discounters and Angel Smooth switched marketing divisions so as to sell the shaving products through their golf division at much higher prices. We will stack up the Body Bare™ against the Cleancut™ any day. We still service and stock spare parts for the Cleancut™. (No one else in the USA has the original replacement blade foil sets.) We do now offer a lifetime USA warranty on the Body Bare™ foil and blade set. You just return the used one with 50 cents, in postage only, and we'll send you a replacement set. Please check out the website http://www.2sensualproducts.com for the exact details. It doesn't matter who you bought the Body Bare™ from, us or one of our many dealer, stores or distributors. No other Intimate Area Shave System company has this product warranty. As we are the designer, manufacturer / importer we even back up our wholesale customers. Total customer satisfaction has kept us the market leader for the past 7 years. .

Q: Is it possible to order the Body Bare™ separately, without the Ladyfair or Feminine trimmer? I'd rather not pay for an extra device I'm not going to use.
  A: No, if you will not use either trimmer, and the included baby powder (we are the first company to include the baby powder), as our extensive experience has dictated, then I suggest you purchase another product from one of the "competitors". NONE of the like products alone will cut all the hair, all the time. The procedure of "Powder, Trim (one of the trimmers), Powder, Shave" is the magic. While you'll not need the trimmer often, some hairs will escape attention and get too long to be cut by the Body Bare™ OR Cleancut™. These products only cut "fuzz" not long hair. The trimmer reduces the hair in the target area to "fuzz". Using a wet blade to get to that point defeats the whole purpose of a dry, non-irritating shaving. You'd be right back to where you were, microscopically scratched, abraded skin, prone to ingrowns and irritation.

Q: Are the holes in the Body Bare's foil 4-sided like the Cleancut™, "hexagonal," or round?
  A: The Body Bare™ product's foil has 4-sided holes in a modified "Starfish" pattern that we have trademarked and copyrighted. It is proprietary as we have worked for 4 years to continually improve and perfect it. The older hexagonal foil, offered by a competitor on a product designed for the 230 volt Chinese market, is not safely suitable for intimate area shaving, or we would have imported it four years ago and not spent a lot of time and money developing our current Body Bare™ product line. It will work well on a man's face however. The face skin is thicker and has fewer wrinkles. The 230 volt device takes an extended amount of time to charge as it was made for the foreign market, not the USA 110 volt mains. We offer the rechargeable or battery operated versions of the Body Bare™ and all of of product offerings come complete with any required fresh alkaline batteries. We do offer a "round hole" foil razor / dual trimmer combo, the Meida Wet/Dry leg shaver. Leg hair grows downward on skin that is not supple ("tight"). The small hole rectangular foil razors (Body Bare™ or Cleancut™) cannot effectively shave this hair as the holes do not permit enough skin into the foil so the blade can "snick" it off. (Many women do tell us the Body Bare™ or Cleancut™ does a great job on the legs, but takes quite a while as the shaving head area is small.) This larger shaving foil product is quite effective for flat body areas and particularly for the thighs on down. Swimmers and bicycle racers love it for shaving their legs and arms. Do not consider using it in intimate areas, it will BITE.

Q: Can the Body Bare™/Cleancut™ trim long hairs?
  A: No. The Body Bare™/Cleancut™ is designed specifically to turn stubble into baby smooth skin. You must first use a good trimmer (that is why we bundle it with the Ladyfair trimmer) to "take it down to stubble", then finish it off with the Body Bare™/Cleancut™.

Q: Can I use the Body Bare™/Cleancut™ for other parts of my body?
  A: Yes and IT IS IMPERATIVE you USE BABY POWDER OR TALCUM POWDER applied with a soft makeup brush to any area you will shave. YOU MUST SHAVE DRY! You can use it anywhere you have stubble. Underarms, Legs, Face, Ears, Head, and the entire pubic area including inside the vaginal lips without irritation. And men, don't worry, this is the only shaver that won't "bite" your testicles. It is great quick touch-up for men with shaved heads. Keep one in your glovebox!

Q: What kind of power does the Body Bare™/Cleancut™ use?
  A: The Body Bare™/Cleancut™ uses one (1) C sized battery. This is very convenient, you never have to worry about finding an outlet or getting tangled up on a cord. It also makes it great for traveling. Many of our customers purchase more than one to keep in a purse or in their cars.

Q: Can I use the Body Bare™/Cleancut™ if I've got Acne?
  A: Definitely! The Body Bare™/Cleancut™ is great for anyone with acne.It can even improve the condition of your skin. It shaves very close without irritation.

Q: Can I get spare parts?
  A: Yes. We are the importer and the service center for these products, the Ladyfair trimmer and the Men's d'Or razor. Please call us if you have a problem or need service.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: Yes. We are a small company and customer satisfaction and service means the world to us. We warrant against any manufacturer defects (motor for 1 year) and if you are not happy with your razor for any reason, in the first 30 days, please call us and get an RMA#, before sending it back with all original box material and we will credit your account for the product amount. We do ask that you give it a fair chance and use it a few times so you can get used to it.
Please note that we do not refund shipping charges of $9.00 or overnight shipping charges, if applicable. Call 210-558.7262

Sex In Review says about the Cleancut™:
We come down clearly on the side of shaved pussies. It is just more pleasant to give head to someone when you don't have to fight your way through a forest. Even if you keep some tuft on top, shaving the lips makes them more sensitive, more visually appealing, and they feel better against your lips and tongue.
To be fair, we also think that men can use a little shaving themselves. Kris and I were recently on the Jacklyn Lick show, and she asked all of the men present if they shaved their balls. All of them did, and her point was, if you want your balls licked, shave them. I find that not only do women tend to spend more time playing with my balls when they are shaved, they are also more sensitive and it feels better.
2Sensual Products is now importing the Body Bare™/Cleancut™ razor, and after testing it for a couple of months, we can say that it really does work as advertised. It is a 4 1/2 inch long battery operated slim metal cylinder with three spinning blades underneath a mesh screen. It cuts closer and smoother than anything we have tried, and it does seem to reduce some of the rash, irritation, and ingrown hairs that can be a problem with shaving the pubic area, especially when you are first starting. It is not a stand-alone product, though. What it excels at is the daily touch-up to keep you smooth, it is not a hair trimmer.

2Sensual Products offers a combination package that includes the Lady Fair double edged trimmer (to the right in the picture). They tested some 60 shavers to find one that did not bite the testicles and worked well in intimate areas.
You use it first to reduce the hair to stubble, and then the Cleancut™ to make everything really smooth. It does take a little practice to learn how to shave yourself. The results are more than worth it though, and with regular shaving it gets easier.
Even if you already have a system that works well for you, the Body Bare™/Cleancut™ is a dry shaver, which means you can use it anytime for a quick touchup. It is also easier to use than traditional shavers, and will get you smoother than just about anything else you can try short of waxing.
It can also be used on the face. I have a very heavy beard growth and it is tough to get a really smooth shave. I want the areas just above and below my lips to be as smooth as possible, as it makes it more pleasant for the woman I am giving head to. When I've felt that it was a little rough, I have even used my hand as a chin guard to keep my chin from rubbing against her sensitive parts.
The Body Bare™/Cleancut™ does a good job of providing smoothing to these important areas. We suggest you check out their Web site, if just for the pictures of Nina Hartley being shaved at the Lifestyles Convention. Subscribing to their mailing list gets you access to even more pictures of people being shaved.

For any other questions please call us 210-558-7262 Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM CST.


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