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Celebrator II®

Celebrator II®  

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Our Celebrator©® 2 speed motor-driver is a result of design, research and improvements on the “toothbrush” motor-driver design.
If you choose to compare "grabbing" the tip movement, the “toothbrush”, with the Celebrator©® tip will “stall” under extreme pressure, and the Celebrator©® will "stall' at less pressure, but both products will exceed over 3 pounds of DOWNWARD pressure without stalling in the high speed mode. The Celebrator©® in the low mode will stall at just over 2 pounds of DOWNWARD pressure.
No "normal" woman can withstand any of these levels of pressure on her clitoral area. The “toothbrush” is even too intense in its only mode for many women.
The Celebrator©® exceeds the “toothbrush” in clitoral stimulation due to the following measurements:
The “toothbrush” has a sweep angle of 33.25 degrees and only one speed.
The Celebrator has a greater sweep angle of 45 deg on High.
The Celebrator has a greater sweep angle of 42 deg on Low Speed.
Either of which result in a greater clitoral stimulation than the “toothbrush” motor-driver.

The "grab the tip" stall differences are as a result of having scientifically chosen to increase the sweep angle vs rotated power. (i.e. when the angle is increased the rotated power is lessened) Power rotation is not the key to tissue stimulation, as we found out in our market studies. The key to tissue stimulation is rhythmic frequency and sweep angle. The average rhythmic frequency of the “toothbrush” motor-driver is about 4,400 Cycles Per Minute. The Celebrator©® rhythmic frequencies are: about 5,375 CPM on Low and on High about 7415 CPM. The readings are averaged due to applied pressure.

FYI: the Eroscillator stalls at less than one pound and has about a 30 degree sweep angle that vastly decreases along with power, until it stalls with increased pressure. It must be used with an AC power pack, thereby limiting its use in and around water. Price: Approximately$120
The Synergy product, also an AC power pack device is weak, at best, and hums as opposed to sweeps the clitoral area. Price about $60-$70.
We have tested these and others commonly available on the open market on 20 sexually active women that regularly use an intimate vibrator product. The group unanimously selected the Celebrator©® as superior. Our received letters of praise, some of which are on our website, are flattering. We have no negative letters, or complaints of any kind and NO RETURNS.
We have received testimonials from leading Adult Industry personalities, attesting to the Celebrator©® being the best, most effective Intimate Massager ever experienced.
Among the notables endorsers are; Nina Hartley “WOW a 2 speed new model?” Brooke Taylor, from The Bunny Ranch and star of HBO’s Cat House “Oh my God, I can’t believe it!” Ginger Lorren Lynn from the Chicken Ranch “I endorse the Celebrator©®, it makes me cum my brains out! Get it girls”, Heather Silk of Girlfriend Films “The Celebrator©® makes me cum the hardest!!”, BabyRuthie (Internet Adult personalty), Tyra Misoux, Magma Films European Star “Incredible orgasms!” Casey Parker, Shane’s World “I love the Celebrator “It makes me cum!” Liv Wilder, (Adult Film star)  “The contractions keep on Cumming”.
We are not aware of this quantity of testimonials for any other products in this category.
And now thousands of Sexy Everyday women praise the product.


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