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Beppy Comfort Sponges
Available in Wet or Dry

   for special moments

Beppy Comfort Sponges - available either Wet or Dry

You are an active person and the last thing you want is to have to hold back during your periods.

Comfort Sponges (Wet)
Beppy Wet contains a special aseptic moistening agent called Lactagel for very easy positioning.

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ONLY 26.00 - (US & Canada orders only)

ONLY 72.00 - (US & Canada orders only)

NOTE: At this time we are taking US and Canada orders only.

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Comfort Sponges Dry

ONLY 17.00 - (US & Canada orders only)

ONLY 60.00 - (US & Canada orders only)

 NOTE: At this time we are taking US and Canada orders only.

The Dutch products of Beppy Tampons have been on the market for ten years now. The tampon was developed by women for women. It is a soft sponge, without a string, that adjusts its shape to a woman’s body. This tampon offers extra possibilities during her period in these specific moments and especially during the lighter days. A standard tampon can really irritate during the lighter days when practicing sports, visiting a spa, a night out and a day at the beach.

“Perfect for a day at the
beach, a visit to the spa and
during sex”

These last few years the tampon has been developed even more to expand the target group. With the possibility to use these tampons during sex, the Beppy Dry tampons are used in the sex industry, but also the requests from spas are increasing. The market is expanding to consumers instead of wholesalers. For these ladies we developed a tampon with a loop and lacta gel (Beppy Wet).

There has been more need for physical sale points. Women prefer to buy these kinds of products in a store instead of online, this need is larger than the offline offer at the moment. Of course erotic stores have the Beppy tampons in their assortment, several drugstores, lifestyle shops and sport clubs, but we receive questions daily about where women can actually buy these tampons in the store.

The manufacturer of the brand Beppy Tampon is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified (medical devices). These certifications contain strict international quality demands, which result in a high quality product like the Beppy Tampon.

What is Beppy?
Beppy is a hygienic, soft, round sponge with a flexibility that allows it to conform to your body's contours. You really will not notice it. The sponge has a molded cup  at one end and a slight ridge on the other. As the cup envelops your cervix the tampon will remain where it is; even in times of activity or during sex!

Beppy for you?
Beppy Comfort Sponges are specially designed, string-less sponges. They are invisible and unnoticeable. Moreover, they are safe and hygienic and last longer than normal tampons. Even up to 8 hours!
For the good things in life. Like sauna, sports, swimming, going out, making love  and all other things you happen to enjoy. (without embarrassment or loss of blood!)

  • Beppy always fits, because the special foam adapts itself to the shape of the vagina.
  • Beppy is soft, safe and comfortable.
  • Beppy Wet is easy to remove, because of the clever loop.
  • The Lactagel in Beppy Wet is pH compatible with the natural pH of the vagina.
  • Beppy Wet has a fresh lavender scent.
  • Beppy Wet contains no oil and is safe for use in combination with latex or polyurethane condoms.

Beppy is for single use only. Beppy is NOT a contraceptive.

The material used to make the Beppy is Polyurethane Sponge; its use is to close off the cervix from the vagina. The Beppy sponge is an serious alternative to tampons sold in the drug stores and supermarkets. The Sponge absorbs the fluids much more effectively then other traditionally available tampons. The reason it’s an alternative to contemporary tampons is because you can trust its unique design and quality. 

The Beppy design was created by a woman engineer for women together with engineers at TUDelft and Erasmus Rotterdam, As Beppy is constantly improving product we are always interested in your experiences and comments. You may email to (Subject) ATTN: Beppy planet3d@flash.net 

This string-less alternative to the regular tampon has been widely available to the European market successfully for the past 3 years. Now exclusively available in the U.S.A. and Canada from 3rd Planet Products, Ltd.
If you have a nearby retail store you'd like to stock the Beppy products; email us the store name, address, contact person and phone number.

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